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It’s what I keep telling myself, and it isn’t easy.

Unfortunately for some, life is not always beautiful, weighing you down like an anchor, leaving you “Desperately treading water to keep your head above it… terrified about what might be lurking below.

Life has always been a challenge for me, and I know I’m not alone.  Every morning when I wake, and look around me, and realize that this is real… this is my life, it takes everything I have sometimes, to motivate myself to get up out of bed and go on with my day. Thankfully, I’ve discovered that somewhere, deep down inside of me, I have the strength to look past the unbearable and see the beauty all around me.

I’m a country girl, and love the outdoors… The beautiful sunsets, the moon, and star-speckled skies, the mountains, the forests, the wildlife, and our magnificent oceans and waterways. I have always found solace on the lake in my kayak in the early morning fog, and at the summit of our surrounding mountains. I came to the realization that setting goals for myself when I was weighed down by grief and sadness, sometimes seemed to be my only lifeline.

One of my greatest goals was to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. I reached the summit on October 28th, 2013, a day I will never forget.

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