About the author

Deborah has always referred to herself as “A jack of all trades and a master of none.” She has worked in restaurants, bars, and department stores. She has cared for children and the elderly, worked in farming, construction, hairdressing, and drafting, and even operated her own florist shop. Her most rewarding job was raising two beautiful children. She enjoys painting, music, writing, nature, and outdoor adventures including hiking, kayaking, and the occasional rock climbing, parachuting, and scuba diving. Like many of you, she has lived a challenging life. Many traumatic experiences still weigh heavily on her soul, the most recent of which is the loss of her daughter and grandson. Deborah has also conquered personal challenges. As part of the Cancer Research Society Kilimanjaro Challenge, she raised $11,000 for cancer research. After five days of climbing, she summitted on October 28, 2013, a day she will never forget. She, like her protagonist Bobby, is a survivor who finds the strength to keep going. Deborah finds peace today living with her husband on Vancouver Island, Nanaimo, BC, surrounded by lakes, mountains, and the ocean.

Be kind… there are times when people just need to have a hug to get through their day… Hug someone today… Me and Charles, a good neighbour and friend.

Me… Little Henry (Grandson)… Richard (Son)… Roger (Hubby)… Marthe (Roger’s mom)

My little family… lost in a fire, August 17, 2011. Cynthia (Daughter)… Gabriel (Grandson)… Joe (Son-in-law) Devon (Gabriel’s best friend) THERE ARE NO WORDS…