This story is about severe trauma and a woman’s struggle to survive the aftermath. After 20 years of prison, Bobby is granted her freedom. With no recollection of her past and the events that led to her incarceration, she sets off to build a life for herself. Alone in the world, she cautiously tries to […]

Excerpt from Chapter 1

The dolphins were more playful than usual today. They performed acrobatics and played tag with me for what seemed like hours. The water was a very light shade of turquoise and crystal clear. The visibility was amazing, and I could see everything in this breathtaking underwater paradise. The coral reef in all its glory and […]

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AIN’T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH It’s what I keep telling myself, and it isn’t easy. Unfortunately for some, life is not always beautiful, weighing you down like an anchor, leaving you “Desperately treading water to keep your head above it… terrified about what might be lurking below. Life has always been a challenge for me, […]